Bombay Halwa, Karachi Halwa, Corn flour Halwa

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Posted on 9, Oct 2016
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Ready in 20-25 minutes
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  • Corn flour or Corn starch - ½ cup
  • Water - 1 ½ cup
  • Ghee - 3 Tablespoon
  • Cashew nuts, chopped - ¼ - ½ cup
  • Cardamom powder - ¼ Teaspoon
  • Food color as required
  • Chopped almonds or pistachios for garnishing

For Sugar Syrup:

  • Sugar - 1 ½ cup
  • Water - 1 cup

Initial Preparation:

  1. Heat 1 tablespoon of ghee in a pan, add in the chopped cashew-nuts and fry until slightly brown on low heat. Remove from heat and set aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl, add in the corn flour and 1 ½ cups of water. Combine well without any lumps.
  3. Then add in the desired food color and mix well. Set aside.

Halwa Preparation:

  1. In a heavy bottomed wide pan, add in the ingredients mentioned in 'For sugar syrup'.
  2. Boil until the sugar is completely melted and the syrup become slightly sticky on medium heat. Stir occasionally.
  3. Then add in the cornflour batter and stir continuously. The halwa will start to thicken up, and becomes glossy and turns dark in color, don't stop stirring to avoid lumps.
  4. Once the mixture becomes thick, add in 1-2 tablespoons of ghee and cardamom powder.
  5. Stir continuously on low heat until the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan.
  6. In the meantime, grease a tray with ghee and set aside.
  7. Once the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan, add in the roasted cashew-nuts and stir continuously until the mixture come together as a whole mass.
  8. Then remove from heat and transfer it to the greased tray, level it with the back of a spoon or cup.
  9. Let it cool and set for at-least one hour, then flip the tray in an open plate and cut into desired shapes.
  10. Spread the chopped almonds or pistachios on top. Enjoy it either in room temperature or after refrigerating.


  • Once you add the corn flour batter in the sugar syrup, keep heat to low-medium.
  • Stir continuously until the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan and come together as a whole mass. It will take approx:18-22 minutes.

Yield: Makes about 20-25 pieces

4, 1 reviews

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