Madhura Seva, Sweet Seva

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Advance Vishu and Easter wishes...

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4.1, 15 reviews

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Posted on 18, Sep 2015
Serving 4-6 people
Ready in 35-45 minutes
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For Sev:

  • Chick Pea Flour/Besan Flour - 2 cups
  • Salt - 1 pinch
  • Water - ⅓ – ½ cup
  • Powdered Sugar - ¼ cup(approx:), for dusting
  • Oil for deep frying

For Sugar Syrup:

  • Sugar - ¾ cup
  • Water - ¼ cup
  • Cardamom powder - one pinch
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Sev Preparation:

  1. In a bowl, mix together the besan flour and salt. Sprinkle water little by little to the mixture and make a soft dough.
  2. Heat oil in a pan; When heated lower the flame.
  3. Put the prepared dough in a string hopper/idiappam mould/seva with the big hole attachment as batches and press it into the hot oil in circular motion.
  4. Fry each batch till crisp and light golden in color; Don't forget to flip in between. The frying time is pretty quick, so be aware of over-browning.
  5. Drain using a slotted spoon and keep in a kitchen towel to remove the excess oil and allow to cool.
  6. Once you finished with the frying process, crush the fried sev into small pieces(1 - 1 ½ inch pieces) and set aside.

Sugar syrup preparation & Mixing:

  1. In a heavy bottomed pan, melt sugar in water(mentioned in 'For Sugar Syrup'). Add cardamom powder and boil the syrup till you get a one thread consistency(Refer notes).
  2. Remove from heat, add in the crushed sev, combine well until the sev is evenly coated with the syrup and the syrup is all absorbed.
  3. Allow to cool slightly and dust ¼ cup powdered sugar on top. Gently mix to incorporate.
  4. Allow to cool completely. Store in an air-tight container.


  • One thread consistency can be checked by pressing and pulling apart a drop of sugar syrup between your thumb and forefinger.
  • If you can see a single thread between your fingers, that's the right time to switch off the stove; Add the fried seva immediately to the syrup and mix well.
4.1, 15 reviews

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